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Rules Pleasure2Gether

  • 1The minimum age for our guests is 21 and in case of doubt we ask for your ID-card.
  • 1Smoking is only allowed in the bar,so absolutely no smoking in the erotic relaxrooms or the restaurant.
    It is not allowed to take glasses or food into the relaxrooms.
  • 1For the use of the jacuzzi there are special rules.Please ask at the bar or one of the team-members.
  • 1In all our relaxrooms are sufficient condoms.
    Please don’t let them behind in the relaxrooms but use the buckets which are present in every room. Towls must be put in the laundry-baskets.
  • 1Keep our club clean!!Hygiene is very important and we check this.
  • 1The use of any kind of drugs is not tolerated.
    If you negotiate this rule,you must leave the club and there will be no next time!!!...without any exception !
  • 1There is enough food and different kinds of drinks,but we can’t accept drunk guests.
    Drunken guests hamper the other visitors pleasure and since cosyness is very important in our club,we will not tolerate this.
  • 1We expect our guests to take good care of themselves and look as sexy as possible.
  • 1If you need something or want to ask something,please don’t hesitate to ask one of the team-members.